Projects and Outputs of our Centre

Postgraduate Research Projects at the Chichester Centre for Fairy Tales, Fantasy and Speculative Fiction

Zoe Mitchell: Hag

Mitchell’s debut poetry Collection inspired by witches is accompanied by a critical thesis considering the presentation of witches in women’s poetry. Close study of this

Dominika Nycz: Wise-man to Wizard: Tracking the Literary Development of the Wizard

This project takes a diachronic approach to look at how the wizard has evolved from its linguistic origins as the wise-man into the modern literary

Francesca Bihet: Folklore, Fighting and Fairies

This project explores the changes in the treatment of fairies by Folklore Society members and how far these reflect wider academic and folkloric trends. It

Joanna Coleman: Demons, Daemons and Frogs: Animal Transformation in Contemporary Narrative

This project investigates how becoming-animal storytelling locates us in the natural world. The topic will be explored from two perspectives, first an eco-critical analysis of

Victoria Leslie: The erotics of water: folk creatures and femininity in 19th-century Northern Europe

This project seeks to understand the myriad meanings and seductions of the water sprite in 19th-century culture. It will examine how stories about water sprites

Peter Whittick: Death, Resurrection and the Flesh of the Imagination: A Critical and Creative Exploration of Cultural Dyslexia with regards to Nature

This project develops an eco-critical perspective for the reading of portrayals of nature in literature and applies it to the fiction of David Almond. The

Elizabeth Rainey: The Art of Storytelling in Emirati Society

This project features Emirati oral poetry and compares its unique voice with universal themes such as family, tribe, country, love, war, beauty, work and faith,

Rose Williamson: A Historical and Literary Analysis of Grain and Bread Motifs in Folk and Fairy Tales

This project seeks to create a greater understanding of folk and fairy tales through the symbolism of food, with a preliminary focus on grains and

Other projected outputs of the Chichester Centre for Fairy Tales, Fantasy and Speculative Fiction include:

Digital Resources

An online, multilingual, multi-authored, annotated bibliographic index consisting of links to primary sources of folktales, fairy tales and fantasy works available in the public domain,


Proposed regular events include a series of research seminars, public lectures, exhibitions and performances at the University of Chichester on aspects of folklore, fairy tales


Proposed publications include: an online newsletter  – or you can sign up for our mailing list here, a twice-yearly hard copy journal *Gramarye* (also expected

International Research Network

One of the key purposes of the Chichester Centre for Fairy Tales, Fantasy and Speculative Fiction is to strengthen the international network of researchers working