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Our thanks to Prof. Nikolajeva as she retires from our Advisory Board

Prof. Maria Nikolajeva has retired from our Advisory Board and all other academic activities. We are very grateful for her work with us, and wish her a long and happy retirement.

Maria Nikolajeva was Professor of Education at Homerton College and Head of the Research and Teaching Centre for Children’s Literature, University of Cambridge. Prior to that, she was a Professor of comparative literature at Stockholm University, Sweden, where she taught children’s literature and critical theory for twenty five years. She received the International Grimm Award for lifetime achievements in children’s literature research. In 1993-97 she was the President of the International Research Society for Children’s Literature. Her recent publications include *How Picturebooks Work*, co-authored with Carole Scott (2001), *From Mythic to Linear: Time in Children’s Literature* (2002), *The Rhetoric of Character in Children’s Literature* (2002), *Aesthetic Approaches to Children’s Literature* (2005), *Beyond Babar: European Children’s Literature* (2006), co-edited with Sandra Beckett, and *Power, Voice and Subjectivity in Literature for Young People* (2009). She was also one of the senior editors for *The Oxford Encyclopedia of Children’s Literature*.

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