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Gramarye issue 5

Gramarye issue 5

This issue’s contents include:

    • ‘The Case of the Ebony Horse’ (Part I), Ruth B. Bottigheimer
    • ‘By Fynnon Ddu’, Katherine Langrish
    • ‘Fairy-Tale Adaptation in Jim Henson’s “The Storyteller”‘, John Pazdziora
    • ‘Two Tales from Odds and Sods‘, Stephen Badman
    • ‘”Iron is Stronger than Grief, but Love is Stronger than Iron”: Reading Fairy-Tale Emotions through Words and Illustrations’, Maria Nikolajeva
    • ‘My Favourite Rhymes and Stories when I was Young: Idaho Folklore in the 1940s’, D.L. Ashliman
    • A review of Fairy Tales Transformed? Twenty-First-Century Adaptations and the Politics of Wonder and Reading, Translating, Rewriting: Angela Carter’s Translational Poetics, Sadhana Naithani
    • A review of The Legend of Spring-heeled Jack: Victorian Urban Folklore and Popular Cultures, Scott Wood
    • A review of The Golden Age of Folk and Fairy Tales: From the Brothers Grimm to Andrew Lang, Lili Sarnyai
    • A review of xo Orpheus: Fifty New Myths, Catriona McAraNot to mention images by Walter Crane, Edmund Dulac, Charles Folkard, Brian Froud, Warwick Goble, Arthur Rackham and Binette Schroeder. A Kindle edition can also be purchased from Amazon.

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