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Gramarye issue 4

Gramarye issue 4

  • This issue’s contents include:
    • ‘Terry Pratchett, Tiffany Aching, and The Wee Free Men’, Jacqueline Simpson
    • ‘After Grimm: The Art of Visual Storytelling’, Sandra Beckett
    • ‘My Favourite Stories when I was Young’, Jacqueline Simpson
    • ‘Tales beyond Europe: A World full of other Worlds’, Rosalind Kerven
    • A translation of Rabbi Nahman’s ‘The Seven Beggars’, Neil Philip
    • A review of ‘Conteuses: An Evening with Kate Bernheimer’, Joanna Coleman
    • A review of From Fates to Fairies, Francisco Vaz da Silva
    • A review of Jane Carroll’s Landscape in Children’s Literature, Naomi Wood
    • A review of Sara Maitland’s Gossip from the Forest, Hugh Dunkerley

    Not to mention images by Stephen Player, Samantha Sweeting, Tessa Farmer, Wim Hofman, Yoko Yamamoto, Keisuke Kishi, Elise Fagerli, O’Kif, Warja Lavater, Richard Câmara, Gustave Doré, Arthur Rackham, and many more.

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