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Gramarye Issue 21

Gramarye issue 21 is now available to pre-order from our online store.

This issue’s contents include:

  • Harry Potter and the Protocols of the Order of Zion? Or Carelessness, cultural memory and mythic figures’, Paul Quinn
  • ‘“These days people are getting enlightened”: Edward Faragher and Manx fairy beliefs’, Stephen Miller
  • ‘Angela Carter’s Nights at the Circus: Carnivalisation from Bakhtin to Feminist Postmodernism’, Wiem Krifa
  • ‘“Fairy Tale is the basis of all my writing”: An Interview with Sally Gardner’, Diana Rodriguez Bonet
  • ‘The Boy’, Natalia Lewis
  • ‘Grandmother Wolf’, Veronika Groke
  • ‘Skin Stilt Rumple: a fairytale, dreamed backwards’, Jess Richards
  • ‘Child Snow’, Jess Richards
  • ‘Co-Walker’, Lucy Stone
  • ‘Tithe’, Emma Newrick
  • A review of Eaters of the Dead: Myths and Realities of Cannibal Monsters, B.C. Kennedy
  • A review of Pan: The Great God’s Modern Return by B.C. Kennedy
  • A review of Basilisks and Beowulf: Monsters in the Anglo-Saxon World, B.C. Kennedy
  • A review of Women Writing Wonder: An Anthology of Subversive Nineteenth-Century British, French and German Fairy Tales, Joanna Gilar
  • A review of The Island of Happiness: Tales of Madame d’Aulnoy, Paul Quinn
  • A review of Mapping Fairy-Tale Space: Pastiche and Metafiction in Borderless Tales, Victoria Leslie

NB: The printed edition of Gramarye is only available to pre-ordering customers and subscribers. To guarantee your printed copy of future issues, please subscribe here.

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