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Gramarye issue 2

Gramarye issue 2

  • This issue is a special illustrated edition featuring work by Brian Froud, Alan Lee, Mel Grant, Arthur Rackham, Adelaide Claxton, Margaret Jones, Edmund Dulac and many more. This issue’s contents are as follows:
    • ‘To tell or not to tell: are fairy tales suitable for children?’, Nicholas Tucker and Jacqueline Simpson continue their BBC Radio 4 debate;
    • ‘A review of Brian Froud’s work’, Anne Anderson, curator of Froud/Lee exhibit ‘The Truth About Faeries’;
    • An interview with Brian Froud and a preview of his latest work, Trolls;
    • ‘Gwyn ap Nudd: Transfigurations of a Character on the way from Medieval Literature to Neo-Pagan Beliefs’, Angelika H. Rüdiger;
    • ‘Count Stoneheart and the First Christmas Tree’, a retelling of a traditional tale by best-selling fantasy author Kate Forsyth;
    • ‘My Favourite Story when I was Young’, Martine Hennard Dutheil de la Rochère;
    • ‘Herne’, Steve O’Brien;
    • ‘Whatever happened to the Pixies? The Shrinking Role of Snap, Crackle and Pop in British Rice Krispies Advertising’, Louise Jolly;
    • A review of Alan Cunningham’s Traditional Tales (ed. Killick), Sophia Kingshill;
    • A review of Jan Susina’s The Place of Lewis Carroll in Children’s Literature, Colin Manlove;
    • A review of Giselle Liza Anatol’s Bringing Light to Twilight: Perspectives on the Pop Culture Phenomenon, Malini Roy;
    • A review of Stephen Asma’s On Monsters: An Unnatural History of Our Worst Fears, Miles Leeson.


    A two-year subscription, for four copies of Gramarye in total, is available from the University of Chichester’s online store.

    Other outlets:

    you will also be able to purchase Gramarye from:

    • Amazon
    • Kim’s Bookshop, Chichester
    • Atlantis, London
    • Treadwells, London
    • Precinct Books, Haying Island
    • Way Out There And Back, Littlehampton
    • Lunartique, Bristol

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