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Gramarye issue 14

Gramarye issue 14

This issue’s contents include:

  • Guest Editor’s Introduction, Steven O’Brien
  • ‘Stepping into Story: Narrative Grammar in Robert Holdstock’s Mythago Cycle’, Paul Williams
  • ‘From Ogre to Woodlouse: A Journey through Names’, Jeremy Harte
  • ‘Fluid Boundaries: Animals and People in Native American Myths’, Rosalind Kerven
  • Four extracts from The Gloaming, Kirsty Logan
  • ‘Zezolla Remastered: Record Store Day Special Release’, Rebecca Do Rosario
  • ‘Murmurings of Furs: Curating the Exhibition “Tomoko Konoike: Fur Story”’, Mayako Murai
  • A review of Shaun Cooper’s British Witch Legends of Sussex, Jacqueline Simpson
  • A review of Adam Scovell’s Folk Horror: Hours Dreadful And Things Strange, Emily Jessica Turner
  • A review of Jack Zipes’ Tales of Wonder: Retelling Fairy Tales through Picture Postcards, Catherine Parsons
  • A review of Rebecca-Anne C. Do Rozario’s Fashion in the Fairy Tale Tradition: What Cinderella Wore, B.C. Kennedy
  • A review of Rosalind Kerven’s Native American Myths: Collected 1636-1919, B.C. Kennedy
  • A review of Jack Zipes’ The Sorceror’s Apprentice: An Anthology of Magical Tales, Donald Haase

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