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Gramarye issue 10

Gramarye issue 10

This issue’s contents include:

  • Guest Editor’s Introduction, Dr Paul Quinn
  • ‘Merlin’s Isle of Gramarye’, Diane Purkiss
  • ‘How authentic is “authentic”?’, Rosalind Kerven
  • ‘The Persecuted History of Cinderella: A Case for Oral Tradition in Western Europe’, Julie Lauren-Jacokes Koehler
  • ‘On Fairy Tales’, Katherine Langrish
  • Interview with Juliet Marillier, by Ceri Houlbrook
  • An excerpt from Raven Flight, Juliet Marillier
  • ‘My Favourite Story When I Was Young, or: The Boy Who Went Forth to Unlearn What Fear Was’, Donald Haase
  • A review of Kate Forsyth’s The Rebirth of Rapunzel: A Mythic Biography of the Maiden in the Tower, Jack Zipes
  • A review of Martine Hennard Dutheil de la Rochère, Gillian Lathey and Monika Wozniak (eds) Cinderella across Cultures: New Directions and Interdisciplinary Perspectives, D.L. Ashliman
  • A review of Jack Zipes’ Fairy-Tale Films Beyond Disney, Rose Williamson
  • A review of Katherine Langrish’s Seven Miles of Steel Thistles, Sara Cleto
  • A review of Mark Norman’s Black Dog Folklore, Jacqueline Simpson
  • A review of Erica Wagner’s First Light, Maureen Kincaid Speller
  • A review of Ralph C. Wood’s (ed.) Tolkien Among The Moderns, Siddharth Pandey
  • Correspondence from Judith Woolf

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