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South Downs Song Project

The South Downs Songs Project

Leading the project are Chris Hare, his wife Ann, and Emily Longhurst – together they are Emily and the Hares. Chris is a professional historian, with a specialist knowledge of the South Downs. He has been singing the songs for over 30 years and in recent years has been joined by Ann and Emily.
The workshops, which will take place once a month, are free. However, it is important that participants attend all six dates. The workshops will explore different themes e.g. love, work, drinking, celebrations, Christmas and newsworthy events. Chris will be setting the songs in their historical context and will be joined, from time to time, by guest speakers on the different themes.
The writings of Arthur Beckett, founding president of the Society of Sussex Downsmen, will form a key part of the course, along with other South Downs writers, such as Rudyard Kipling, Hilaire Belloc and Margaret Fairless-Barber. At the end of each series of workshops, we aim to put on a performance of the songs to friends and family and to record a cd of the songs. The project will continue the centuries-old, oral tradition of unaccompanied singing that was so important to past generations so that these beautiful, rousing and joyful songs are kept alive for future generations.

Free Workshops
The workshops will take place at the following venues in Chichester and
Lewes on the following dates in 2011/ 2012. For further details about enrolling, please email Chris Hare at chris.hare@southdownssociety.org.uk [copying in b.gray@chi.ac.uk]
or call Chris on 07794 600639.

The Cloisters,
University of Chichester

Sat 1 October 10.30–16.30

Sat 5 November 10.30–16.30

Sat 3 December 10.30–16.30

Sat 7 January 10.30–16.30

Sat 4 February 10.30–16.30

Sat 3 March 10.30–16.30

Lewes Arms, Lewes

Sat 15 October 10.30–16.30

Sat 19 November 10.30–16.30

Sat 17 December 10.30–16.30

Sat 21 January 10.30–16.30

Sat 18 February 10.30–16.30

Sat 17 March 10.30–16.30

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