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Gramarye Issue 23

Gramarye issue 23 is now available to order from our online store.

This issue’s contents include:

  • ‘Beyond the Failure of Communication with Others: Angela Carter from a Global Perspective’, Natsumi Ikoma
  • ‘“We Played at Heroes and Villains”: Mythmaking and Patriarchal Post-Apocalyptic Dystopia in Heroes and Villains’, Caighlan Smith
  • ‘Sexual Violence and Asexual Erotics in Angela Carter’s The Bloody Chamber’, Nadia Saleh
  • ‘Mythic Deconstruction in Angela Carter’s The Magic Toyshop and Nights at The Circus’, Dr Wiem Krifa
  • ‘The Rewilding of Fairy: Queer Desires in Angela Carter’s The Bloody Chamber’, Elizabeth A. Howard
  • ‘Ghosts at an Exhibition: From Image to Text in Angela Carter’s Strange Worlds’, Marie Mulvey-Roberts
  • ‘Angela Carter: A Radical Prescience? Artists Statement’, Vanessa Marr
  • ‘Gerda’s Chandelier: Artist’s Statement’ Dagmara Rudkin
  • ‘Fragile’, Jess Richards
  • ‘Fragments of fragility’, Mimesis Heidi Dahlsveen
  • ‘Ba’lat Ov from The Jewish Book Of Horror’, Brenda Tolian
  • ‘What Three Words is This?’, Alison Habens
  • ‘Cat & Mouse’, Susanna Goldfinger
  • ‘The CEO whose Daughters went to Collect Sticks’, Mark P. Henderson
  • ‘What Must it Have Been Like to Walk Through That World?’, Holly Day
  • ‘On the Cusp of Spring’, Holly Day
  • ‘Magic’, Holly Day
  • ‘The Gourd’s Tale’, Brian Szumsky
  • ‘I take your daughter to the windmill’, Tabby Hayward
  • A review of A Cultural History of Fairy Tales: Vol. I: A Cultural History of Fairy Tales in Antiquity, B.C. Kennedy
  • A review of The Heroine with 1,001 Faces, Victoria Leslie
  • A review of The Fairy Tellers, Paul Quinn
  • A review of Human Frailties and Faculties: Social Relationships in English, Persian and German Folktales, Naomi Foyle
  • A review of The Boggart: Folklore, History, Place-names and Dialect, Katherine Langrish
  • A review of Troll Magic: Hidden Folk from the Mountains and Forests of Norway, Katherine Langrish
  • A review of Fantasy: How It Works, Taylor Driggers
  • A review of The Watkins Book of English Folktales, Joanna Gilar

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